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Specializing in the production of ball valve special sphere, and production of non-standard spheres.


Zhejiang Qiute Valve Co.,Ltd.,established in the early 2000 year,is one professional production

enterprise of special globe valve globe bodies,which are made of the

materials involving A105,1Cr13,304,304L,316,316L,F51,17-4 PH and soon,besides of the

production of non-standard globe bodies,nowadays,the company mainly produces the

products with the diameter from1"to 48"during the rapid and steady development period by

applying excellent globe production equipments including big ball lathe,middle ball lathe,

vertical lathe,boring machine,milling machine,spherical grinder and lapping machine,the

advanced testing apparatus and other inspection equipments,moreover,there are employed

a high quality talents team to provide the foundation and guarantee for high quality globe



Specializing in the production of ball valve special sphere,

and production of non-standard spheres.

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